Vehicle wrap (Color Change)

Luxurious Wraps Offers limitless colours to choose from in vinyl wrap! Bored of the colour of your car? Wrapping your car is a great idea to change the colour of your car at fraction the cost & time of a regular paint job! You can achieve Paint-like results with vinyl wrap if it gets installed by a certified installer like our highly skilled team here at Luxurious Wraps!


Why Vinyl Wrap?

  • Lower Cost!

    A high quality paint job usually costs anywhere from $7000 and up, a high quality wrap job for all matte, satin & gloss colours costs as low as $2200 depending on the size of the vehicle and material used!

  • Fast Transformation!

    If you had your car painted you know it takes a long time, It usually takes two weeks or more for the paint to fully dry depending on the paint and clear coat application, Wrapping your car will take as little as 1 day depending on the complex and size of your vehicle!

  • Protection

    Original factory paint is valuable and can be costly to replace, Vinyl wrap will always protect your original paint from all sorts of possible damages like stone chips, scratches, road debris & weather elements !


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